If you feel that it’s “Time to Change” or at least it’s time for “Exploring New Career Opportunities”, I want to share you my backstory. Maybe you will feel self-reflected.

In 2000 I graduated as a Telecom Engineer. I clearly remember saying to myself: “I will be the 2000 engineer”, and YES, I did it!

Then I realized that a telecom engineer was able to work in many different places, my graduate diploma was too wide…

So, I made a decision and I got certified in a very specific product becoming an Expert. With this expert certification things were totally great for some years.

After these golden years, I started to notice that Telecoms had become a commodity, like electricity. Companies were struggling, joining each other into a market concentration, and there were few professional opportunities.

What I did? I reinvented myself.

I moved into a new career space: IT process consulting. I started learning everything about that new career. It was hard for a while because I had moved from being an expert to becoming a brand new apprentice.

Again, just some years later I was become an ITIL Expert, and again just because I was (and I am still today) an expert on this very specific subject matter, people again listened to me when I spoke because “I was the Expert”.

Some years later, I again felt that things again had changed. Market was moving, instead of focussing in processes and people, market was in a digital explosion, and there were few market opportunities in my field of expertise.

And what I did then? I reinvented myself AGAIN.

I moved to the new digital brand of my company and started from scratch again. With no team, no resources, just ahead tons of new disruptive technologies to learn. And this is what I am doing now.

I have specialized in building and leading Digital Transformation Plans (or IT Strategic Plans). Up today, I’ve done a whole bunch of them. My new expertise is all joining of the digital pieces in order to move a business organization to the new digital era.

In this new field, there aren’t professionals out there with 10 years of expertise in Digital Transformation. So with just some years and many implementations, I have become a Digital Transformation Expert. In fact, as that may sounds too wide for me, I rather to say an IT Strategy & Transformation Expert.

After many years, I’ve discovered some important things about Get Career Success:

To Get Career Success is an emotional feeling. You don’t get that feeling based on your position or money, these are false believes. In fact we only need two things to Get Career Success:

  • become an Expert in something (in fact, you are already an expert or specialist on something)  and
  • finding meaningful your job (that it really helps you grow as a professional because you are really learning every day, so that you are becoming a better everyday).

The career ladder is always moving. No matter if you don’t find

In conclusion, If you think that your current job will not be/remain forever, then START LEARNING TODAY! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The good news is that I am documenting all my digital learning journey. For some months I learn in deep one single new digital technology. I read and practice everything about that technology, talk with experts, check with them use cases of that technology, all 100% practical implementation stuff.

All my digital learning gets packaged in a FREE Online Course. So that you can learn all I’ve learnt for months and years, in just 10 days. Sounds great, yeah?

Just join my Learning Community and Start Learning Today!


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