The job market is changing fast. And you may have changed career several times, and therefore you may be an expert in several disciplines.

There are people that have a day job and night job, maybe because they know that “the days that you make all your career in single company are over” and when they are in their 50s (and even earlier) they will need to become entrepreneurs in order to have a job.

No matter what the reason is, there are people that don’t have one single career but instead they have many, in other words they have a Portfolio Career.

There have been industries like healthcare where their professionals have had Portfolio Careers for years, for example having a day job in an hospital and a night job providing private consultation.

It is also usual in the manufacturing industry to start working for an employer in order to learn the profession, and later become independent.

Having a Portfolio Career makes you resourceful, helping you to become ready for the time when the employer will think that you are too old.

When it comes to executives, people that have achieved the top, they find themselves at a precipice. Some have built their profesional identity based on a role for a company, instead of an activity or discipline they deliver. For example they write in their Linkedin title something like “Director at ABC Bank” instead of “Corporate Finance Advisory”.

When these executives loose their job, they also loose their identity and their career! But this doesn’t need to happen if they had built and executed a Career Plan.

Executives and professionals should pay attention to the age at which their company are firing professionals and take action before this happens by building a Portfolio Career. Both, these professionals and their companies will benefit from that Career Plan when that day will arrive.

Remember: Portfolio Careers Help to Your Late Career Employment.


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