Growing up professionally is not only an obligation, but something you deserve. Changing career or professional activity is something that always comes well, somehow renews and gives back that vital energy that makes us feel happy.

Since I finished my studies in Telecommunication Engineering a few years ago, I have had to reinvent myself at least four times. My dear professor and friend Rafael Mompó already said that “Teleco professionals reborn from their ashes as the Phoenix“.

Joining the Change instead of fighting it, makes us stronger and makes us comfortable to develop outside our “comfort zone”.

Changing careers does not mean throwing away years of effort; on the contrary, we develop an out-of-the-ordinary professional profile by linking our multiple experiences. Steve Jobs recommended to the students of Stanford in his graduation ceremony “to link the dots”. All his unique experiences combined them to create an absolutely unique product: the Mac. His product perfectly matched his multiple skills and hobbies: technology, typography, and design.

So if your career is currently at some turning point, congratulations! Start a new one!


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