I recently visited the Protos winery (Peñafiel, Valladolid), a visit I really recommend, and a detail caught my attention. Its motto, which has remained intact for generations, is: “Be First”.

The winery Protos is the root of the protected designation of origin ‘Ribera del Duero’ (one of the most important Spanish wines). Originally this was one of the brands with which it bottled in this winery, and when the designation of origin was created that yielded this brand for the creation of possibly the best wines of Spain.

Since the winery was founded more than 80 years ago, it has been looking for excellence in quality. Their website says:

“Being First for Protos is our attitude of constant improvement in the search for the best quality for our consumers.”

This phrase sums up perfectly what we get in their products, but also tells the key to how they do it: with an “attitude of constant improvement.”

The knowledge and experience are important, although these change every day, and therefore more important is to have the ability to obtain them in an agile way. However “attitude” is everything.

In talent search processes, many times the candidates try to prove their worth for the position through their knowledge and experience. However they often neglect the most important thing that the headhunter is waiting to evaluate: attitude.

“Be First in Attitude”

By paying attention to the details your “attitude” will make the difference (and I will write a more detailed article on this subject later). Today, simply stick with this key: in addition to “developing knowledge” we must “develop attitude”.

How much time do you invest developing your Attitude?


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