There are countries that have sustained their economy from construction for years. As a result, investment in real state has been stimulated for years: second and third homes, apartments on the beach, parking spaces, etc.

The reality is that the acquisition of all these physical properties has a high cost, both acquisition (notary fees and taxes) and maintenance (community fees, levies, insurance, etc.).

Investing in physical properties today has many expenses and dubious profitability.

However the digital economy allows for much more intelligent investments: digital investments.

Digital investments consist of investing the equivalent of what a garage space would cost you but acquiring a Web page or an App that gives you the ability to have a Digital Business.

Compare for example what you buy to buy a parking space (with approximate illustrative values):

  • Purchase price: 14,000 euros
  • Notary fees: 200 euros
  • Expenses of taxes on purchase: 200 euros
  • Tax expenses per year (City Hall): 50 euros
  • Community fee: 24 euros / month
  • Possible income: 70 euros / month

In short, an investment in a garage with the intention of renting generates only 46 euros / month. The profitability is minimal and without the possibility that it can “take off” (unless you discover oil under your garage).

The same investment of these 14,000 euros in a Digital Business offers multiple benefits:

  • Investment in a digital asset
  • Development of your career in the digital economy (acquisition of skills that improve your future employability)
  • Possible additional income apart from your current job (it is not very difficult to overcome soon those 46 euros of benefit that would give you a parking space)
  • Option to become your first future job if you successfully “take off”
  • Become the CEO of your Digital Business (development of managerial skills).
  • Like everything in life, no one promises that you will succeed with your first Digital Business, however what you have guaranteed is that you will develop skills along the way that will lead to greater employability in the future. And back to my previous example, that does not give you a parking space.

Have you considered making a digital investment?


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