Sometimes the ‘plan’ is confused with the ‘goal’. Specifically, it happens with the objectives and the goal.

In business consulting and executive coaching we use a fairly simple yet effective method to help our clients change. The model is well-known: As-Is, To-Be, and Rollout Plan.

The first thing a Customer needs is to be told “you are here”. This is the As-Is (analysis of the current situation or diagnostic) and is the first phase, which we can call the ‘understanding’ of the situation. Knowing where you are is important, but by itself does not drive change. It’s like going to the doctor and telling you that you have headache, you might not have noticed it, but only with this is not enough to cure you.

So the next phase is the To-Be, and what it establishes is the objective scenario. Therefore, this is the ‘goal’. It is very important the correctly describe the place where we want to arrive, by using visualization techniques that allow the Customer to feel the experience of this place and if this is really the destination where he wishes to arrive.

However, with the As-Is and To-Be is not enough either. Usually the goal is so high, that there is no ladder that can raise us to it. Therefore, we need a plan that defines intermediate ‘objectives’ that should lead us to it. This is the ‘rollout plan’: the tool that should help us to reach our goal.

Sometimes we do not make the plan work, and we just abandon it. We think that we will not be able to reach the destination we had set for ourselves.

Well, I hope that after reading this article you have discovered that i the ‘goal’ has nothing to do with the ‘plan’. If you want to reach a destination, there are many roads. If a plan does not work, change the plan but not the goal.

In coaching I always recommend making a list of 20 strategies to reach the destination that you have proposed. If the first one does not work, you still have another 19! This powerful tool helps you not run out of resources and therefore be an ‘unstoppable executive’. I invite you to try it.

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