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Digital Transformation? You Are Asking the Wrong Question.


This short article has only the purpose to clarify something I listen everyday around me with the “Digital Transformation” buzzword.

The point about this word is that it seems that you are just competing in a world were old companies now need to get digitally transformed, and this is a BIG mistake. You are in fact compiting in a new Digital world.

If you earned money in the past, that’s good because you shoud still have some of it for moving into this new scenario. But here the point is not about “digital transformation” but in geting “digital success”.

That you were successful in the past doesn’t mean you will get successful in this completelly new scenario. You need to do a new business case. Verify that your products or services really still fit in good with the new digital market.

The point on the digital market is that now it has become global. No matter if you were the best in your region selling standard products or services, in this new global scenario you can no longer keep being just generic. More specialization, more digital skills, more customer centric, more co-creation, more design thinking, more agile, …more everything. There’s a lot to do in order to become digital and being able to compete with new “born-digital” players.

The good news is that if you were successful before, you are now in good starting position. Or otherwise in case you were never successul before, …you have the second shot!

The point about “Digital Success” is that it is not about technology itself, but how we use the latest technology for making more business. It is not about a new App or just a technology upgrade, it is about how we can be more smart by making new business opportunities with every new technology that becomes available.

Asking for Digital Transformation is just wrong. It sounds like a single “change to digital”, and this is not what it is about. Digital success is about being digital and keeping in that position successfully for years, which really means to keep changing every day.

So, the right question is: How can I achieve Digital Success?